Instructional Videos

  • Creating Your PHaR Account
  • Setting Up Your PHaR Account
  • Sending Requests for Help


  • How does PHaR protect my home access info and other personal data?

    PHaR follows a number of industry-standard protocols for protecting your data. Information such as how to access your home is kept on your device and shared only when you choose to do so, by sending out a request for help. Because this sensitive data should not persist on the internet, PHaR automatically deletes all messages after three days (72 hours) of inactivity.

  • My family and friends already have all the information that PHaR collects. Why would I use this app?

    When disasters strike, things get really complicated really fast. Texts, phone calls, social media messages, ... they'll start pouring in. PHaR cuts through the noise. PHaR is focused exclusively on ensuring your pets survive. Once your request for help is met, you can focus on other priorities, such as letting your family and friends know you're OK.

  • Who should I inviite to be my contacts?

    Studies and common sense clearly indicate that your neighbors who are home when a disaster strikes are your best bet for evacuating your pets and other animals who depend on you. Even if a family member lives a half mile away, they may not be able to gain access to your neighborhood during an emergency, especially during an evacuation. As to non-emergencies, like I'm stuck at work, who can let my dogs out?, you should feel quite comfortable requesting help from your family member who lives a half mile, or even farther, away. Considering that emergencies can be life threatening, PHaR strongly suggests you enlist a few neighbors to be your contacts in the PHaR app.

  • How do PHaR notifications work?

    PHaR notifies you when you receive an emergency or non-emergency message or a disaster alert. You will see these notifications whether or not you are viewing your app. This is why allowing notifications is so imporant!

    You will also be notified when someone accepts your contact invitation.

    Contact invitations sent to you will not be displayed in the app. These invitations arrive via text, email, etc.

  • Do contact invitations expire after a certain amount of time?

    Invitations do not expire. They are, however, single-use, meaning if the recipient for whatever reason loses the invitation, you would need to send them another one, or they would need to send one to you.

  • Can I access my PHaR account from another of my devices?

    You cannot access your PHaR account from any other device other than the one on which you installed it.

  • Can I access my PHaR account from the device of another person?

    You cannot access your PHaR account from any other device other than the one on which you installed it.

  • I have two homes, both in the United States. Can I set up PHaR to work in both of them?

    At this point in time, the only way to set up PHaR to work for more than one residence, is to have a device for each residence. In other words, you can set up your iPhone to work at one residence, and your iPad to work at another.

    Note: If you have two PHaR accounts and you receive an invitation to be someone's contact, be sure you accept it from the device associated with the right residence.

  • How do I delete my account?

    To delete your account:

    1. Tap the More button in the bottom navigation bar
    2. Tap Settings.
    3. Tap Delete Account
    4. Important: If you intend to continue to use the PHaR app, delete the app and reinstall it.